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Together conserving BC’s future


British Columbia: a global model of communities living in harmony with their natural and cultural heritage.


The Land Trust Alliance “fosters the land trust community, protects and stewards British Columbia’s natural and cultural heritage.”

The Land Trust Alliance of BC’s Strategic Plan.

Renewed by the LTABC Board in February 2016 for the period ending 2020.

Strategic Imperatives

  1. To secure long term resources which will allow LTABC to fulfill its mission.
  2. To establish LTABC as a key player by using relationships & diverse partnerships to leverage our work. Our partnerships will increase funding, opportunities, profile, and respect.
  3. To provide services that members either do not have capacity to offer themselves, or that utilize an economy of scale. Capitalize on staff & board knowledge and expertise to build capacity and collaboration in the land trust community.
  4. To build awareness by improving and expanding communications with:
    1. Our members: to inform and educate them on LTABC’s work, services, and how they can benefit;
    2. The public: to promote and brand LTABC and raise awareness for the work and success of our members.

Goals & Objectives

Goal 1. Operate an effective organization that models excellence and has sufficient resources to achieve its mission and vision.


  1. Develop and implement a strategy for sustainable and diverse funding.
  2. Establish policies and adhere to best practices in governance to ensure accountability and responsibility to the board, staff, and members.

Goal 2. Encourage and assist member land trusts to achieve excellence through the adoption and appropriate implementation of the canadian land trust standards and practices.


  1. Promote, update, and improve the S&P Assessment Tool
  2. Provide direct coaching, support, expertise and guidance to land trusts to encourage them to adopt and implement the S&P

Goal 3. Build the capacity of bc’s land trust community by increasing resources, efficiency and innovation.


  1. Establish and support Living Carbon Investments Ltd. from development to commercialization stage of growth.
  2. Identify and increase funding opportunities for our members.
  3. Continue to offer and explore opportunities for cooperative services that benefit our members.
  4. Build relationships and strategic partnerships to leverage the land trust community’s work.

Goal 4. Raise awareness about ltabc and the land trust community.


  1. Design and implement a multi-faceted communications and marketing strategy.
  2. Strengthen communications with and among land trust members and stakeholders.

View the Complete Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Document:





In April 2018, members of the Land Trust Alliance  of British Columbia voted to amend the constitution and bylws of LTABC to be in accordance with BC’s new Societies Act. The revised version is attached:






Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2022






An Early History of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia

by Ben van Drimmelen, August 2020: a look back at the founding years and development of LTABC.

Read here.







Our new publication celebrates the accomplishments of LTABC and our 40 land trusts.

Download your copy here, or email to have a print version mailed to you.


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