2018 Art Exhibit: Submissions

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We are pleased to present the wonderful entries to our 2018 Art and Photo Contest. We received work from different parts of the province, all skillfully depicting the beauty of British Columbia.


Max Parsons (oil on paper, 7×5”)












Artist’s Statement: The wildfires have created a haze over the city covering the sky in a deep grey. The light still shines but not brightly.



Maria Miller, Come Back For Me (photo on handmade recycled paper, 8.5×11”)
















Artist’s Statement: As a photographer, book binder, and recycled paper maker, who is a nature and animal lover, my work always ends up being some sort of combination of these. This piece, “Come Back for Me,” taken in Ucluelet, BC, not only attracts the eye with its deep textures and contrasting colours, but also looks at how something as wild and powerful as the Pacific Ocean can also be vulnerable and in need of protection. This image is printed on my handmade recycled paper not only to enhance the visual and tactile experience, but to stay true to my eco-conscious ways.



Adrien Lamoureux (photograph, 8.5×11”)












Artist’s Statement: Winter 2017 – Mary Vine Falls, Sooke BC. Taken in the early morning during heavy rainfall using tripod and rainproof gear. Lens used was a short telephoto at medium aperture.



Kate Brooks-Heinimann, Doug Fir Creature (watercolour and ink on paper, 5×7”)
















Artist’s Statement: Doug Fir Creature depicts a long-bearded man growing from a Douglas fir tree. His arms are branches, and the trunk encompasses his core down to his toes. The combination of man and tree represents a connection with Pacific Northwest nature we can all have.


Ileta Dee Buenaventura (pen, ink and watercolour, 8.5×11”) (SOLD)










Artist’s Statement: Spring in BC is so beautiful: the skies are clear and there are so many shades of green. I’m a sketchbook artist and I use pen, ink and watercolour to show a scene from our drive up to Blue Lake in Boston Bar, May, 2018.


Andrea England, Blackcomb Black Bears (watercolour, 10.5×8.5”)













Artist’s Statement: A pair of black bears explore the meadows on the slopes of Blackcomb Mountain, a paradise for wildlife as well as for skiers. The flowing watercolours capture the movement and vitality of the landscape.


Amandeep K. Gill (acrylic and varnish on canvas, 8.5×11”)












Artist’s Statement: A view of Golden Ears Mountain from my house in spring season.


Adrien Lamoureux (photograph, 8.5×11”)












Artist’s Statement: Winter 2017 – Ogden Point – Victoria BC. A chance encounter of a river otter having a large snack on the south side of the Ogden Point breakwater.


Adrien Lamoureux (photograph, 8.5×11”)












Artist’s Statement: Fall 2015 – Sooke BC. Looking towards East Sooke as the early morning mist slowly dissipates over the forest.


Shelley McDonald, Honeysuckle Visitor (watercolour on acid-free paper, 11×8.5”)












Artist’s Statement: I have always admired the energetic flight of hummingbirds as well as the way they fiercely defend their territory. On top of that, they are beautiful too! Field image graciously provided by Richard Cochrane of North Vancouver BC.


Wendy Schmidt, Coyote (photograph, 5×7”)
















Wendy Schmidt, Family Walk (photograph, 5×7”)
















Wendy Schmidt, Raccoon Rascals (photograph, 5×7”)













Wendy Schmidt, Swan Outing (photograph, 5×7”)
















Wendy Schmidt, Ukee Bear (photograph, 5×7”)












Artist’s Statement: My artwork and photography are taken from the local wildlife here on the West Coast of BC.  Capturing a peaceful feeling of a calmness of colours. I get inspired by outdoor walks and nature.



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