Photo of Bow River Basin Council
Bow River Basin Council

The Bow River Basin Council (BRBC) is a collaborative and multi-stakeholder, charitable organization that is dedicated to conducting activities and programs that encourage and advance the enjoyment, learning, and protection of the waters of the Bow River Basin.

Photo of Bowen Island Conservancy
Bowen Island Conservancy

The Bowen Island Conservancy is committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment of the island—from endangered coastal bluffs to inland lakes to wetlands and fens. It is an all-volunteer organization with over 150 members, who either live on the island or have some sort of close connection with it.

Photo of Clear Sky Meditation & Study Foundation
Clear Sky Meditation & Study Foundation

Clear Sky isn’t just a place, It’s the aspiration and the common purpose of a group of people. Simply put, we want to wake ourselves up and help others do the same.

Photo of Comox Valley Land Trust
Comox Valley Land Trust

The Comox Valley Land Trust is a community-based not-for-profit organization that works to protect and conserve the ecologically significant land and wildlife habitat of the Comox Valley region. Its team of dedicated volunteers and staff work with the community, local governments, individuals, land owners and other stewardship organizations.

Photo of Cowichan Community Land Trust
Cowichan Community Land Trust

The Cowichan Land Trust is a non-profit society located in Duncan, British Columbia. It was founded in 1995 by a group of concerned citizens who wished to help landowners find alternatives to the degradation of natural areas and wildlife habitat.

Photo of Crystal Mountain-A Society for Eastern & Western Studies
Crystal Mountain-A Society for Eastern & Western Studies

Incorporated in 1976, Crystal Mountain Society is a non-denominational charity based in British Columbia, Canada.  It was founded by students of Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche — a Westerner trained in the Theravada and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions.  It supports the development of a Western expression of Buddha Dharma and promotes the  development of the wholesome, clear, interested mind through study, meditation and compassionate work.

Photo of Discovery Coast Greenways Land Trust
Discovery Coast Greenways Land Trust

Greenways Land Trust is a registered charity and conservation organization that works to enhance the community through creation and management of greenways networks, based on principles of stream and land stewardship.

Photo of Edmonton & Area Land Trust
Edmonton & Area Land Trust

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust works to protect natural areas to benefit wildlife and people, and to conserve biodiversity and all nature’s values, for everyone forever.

Photo of Elbow River Watershed Partnership
Elbow River Watershed Partnership

The Elbow River Watershed Partnership (ERWP) provides a forum for learning about watershed management and the land-water connection. Using local knowledge and scientific expertise, the ERWP promotes watershed management improvement through collaborative, targeted and cost-effective actions by citizens and stakeholders.

Photo of Fraser Valley Conservancy
Fraser Valley Conservancy

The Fraser Valley Conservancy (FVC) was established in 1998 as a non-profit society and federally registered charity to protect land and water for future generations. Since then we have secured over 30 acres of wildlife habitat containing woodland forest, mature forests, creeks and wetlands that protects our health for our future.

Photo of Friends of Cortes Island Society
Friends of Cortes Island Society

Friends of Cortes Island Society (FOCI) is a charitable organization that has been active for over 25 years. It exists to monitor and preserve the health of local ecosystems, and to provide educational programs that foster a greater understanding of the natural environment.

Photo of Gabriola Commons Foundation
Gabriola Commons Foundation

The Gabriola Commons is a place where sustainability, community and agriculture meet, featuring 26 acres of peaceful rural landscapes and rich ecosystems with significant biodiversity. The property includes connecting pathways, open vistas, meditative spaces, vibrant community gardens, learning and meeting facilities for the use and enjoyment of the public.

Photo of Gabriola Land & Trails Trust
Gabriola Land & Trails Trust

The aims of Gabriola Land and Trails Trust are to secure, develop, and sustain a network of parkland and trails on Gabriola Island for the benefit of the public, and to preserve sites of environmental, historical, and social importance.

Photo of Galiano Conservancy Association
Galiano Conservancy Association

Formed in 1989 as an instrument for community-based acquisition, management and conservation of land and habitat, the Galiano Conservancy has become a broad-based organization whose primary purpose is “To preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the human and natural environment” on Galiano Island.

Photo of Gambier Island Conservancy
Gambier Island Conservancy

The Conservancy was founded in 1995 to address mounting concerns about changes in Gambier’s natural habitat. Its members believe that enhanced public awareness and increased environmental knowledge are essential to sustainable development on the island-one of the most beautiful and unspoiled in the Georgia Basin. 

Photo of Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team
Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team

The Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT) Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of Garry oak and associated ecosystems in Canada and the species at risk that inhabit them.

Photo of Garry Oak Meadow Preservation Society
Garry Oak Meadow Preservation Society

The Garry Oak Meadow Preservation Society (GOMPS) formed in 1992 because local citizens were concerned that woodlands and meadows were rapidly disappearing as a result of expanding human habitation in the Capital Regional District.
The society is dedicated to the preservation, protection and restoration of Garry oak stands and their natural habitats.

Photo of Habitat Acquisition Trust
Habitat Acquisition Trust

Habitat Acquisition Trust is a regional land trust that conserves nature on south Vancouver Island. It envisions a future where the full array of natural habitats on south Vancouver Island and southern Gulf Islands is healthy and conserved.

Photo of Juan De Fuca Community Land Trust Society
Juan De Fuca Community Land Trust Society

The Juan de Fuca Community Land Trust Society was established to acquire environmentally-important properties on southwestern Vancouver Island for public enjoyment and habitat preservation.

Photo of Land Trust Alliance B.C.
Land Trust Alliance B.C.

We are the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia (LTABC) representing 33 land trust members across the province. Associate members (consultants, environmental groups and individuals) bring our total membership to one hundred. Since 1997 when LTABC was established, we have developed educational, research and resource programs that have helped conservation groups steward, protect and restore BC’s natural and cultural diversity. BC land trusts, with the help of generous donors and willing land owners, have now protected well over one million acres of significant land. You can become a member by clicking here.

Photo of Mayne Island Conservancy Society
Mayne Island Conservancy Society

The Mayne Island Conservancy Society was founded in order to advocate for the conservation and preservation, and promote the “Stewardship”, of Mayne Island’s diverse and sensitive ecological heritage.

Photo of Nanaimo & Area Land Trust Society
Nanaimo & Area Land Trust Society

The mission of the Nanaimo & Area Land Trust is to promote and protect the natural values of land in the Nanaimo area.

Photo of Native Plant Society of BC
Native Plant Society of BC

The society was founded in 1997 and based on learning more about native plants and their habitats, sharing information, and making a commitment to the ethical use of native plants as well as their conservation and stewardship.

Photo of Nature Conservancy of Canada
Nature Conservancy of Canada

In B.C. we have completed more than 100 projects that protect almost 1 million acres (400,000 hectares) of the province’s most ecologically significant land and water. Today, the BC Region continues to work with our partners to protect and steward British Columbia’s natural heritage.

Photo of Nature Trust of B.C.
Nature Trust of B.C.

The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a leading non-profit land conservation organization based in BC. It acquires ecologically significant land and then cares for this land in order to protect the natural diversity of wildlife and plants, and their critical habitats.

Photo of North Okanagan Parks & Natural Area Trust
North Okanagan Parks & Natural Area Trust

NOPNAT was established in 2000 as a registered charity to receive donations and bequests of every kind, including properties and monies. NOPNAT is also registered to hold and administer Covenants on privately-owned lands. These Covenants can control access to the lands and preserve them in their natural state in perpetuity.

Photo of Okanagan Simikameen Stewardship Program
Okanagan Simikameen Stewardship Program

Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship is a local non-profit, charitable organization that assists residents, managers and community groups in voluntary conservation, stewardship and restoration of important habitats on private lands and within communities of the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys.

Photo of Pender Island Conservancy Association
Pender Island Conservancy Association

Pender Island Conservancy Association (PICA) is dedicated to preserving and protecting special places on the Penders for future generations. It assists with conservation covenants and offers educational programs to encourage land stewardship.

Photo of Quamichan Watershed Stewardship Society
Quamichan Watershed Stewardship Society

The Quamichan Watershed Stewardship Society (Quamichan Stewards) was formed in the spring of 2006 to respond to the continuously declining health of Quamichan Lake.

Photo of Ruby Lake Lagoon Nature Reserve Society
Ruby Lake Lagoon Nature Reserve Society

The Ruby Lake Lagoon Nature Reserve Society works diligently to preserve and enhance the natural habitat and wildlife of the Ruby Lake Lagoon, to facilitate local environmental education and to assist in monitoring the ecological health of the region.

Photo of Salt Spring Island Conservancy
Salt Spring Island Conservancy

The Salt Spring Island Conservancy protects and enhances the natural values of the island and its surrounding waters by acquiring land or covenants, and by educating landholders and the public toward improved land and water stewardship.

Photo of Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Society
Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Society

The Water Preservation Society has a long history of protecting potable water on Salt Spring, and it continues to do this work with a “thirst” for staying true to its purpose: preservation and protection, research, and public awareness.

Photo of Savary Island Land Trust Society
Savary Island Land Trust Society

The Savary Island Land Trust Society (SILT) was established to preserve and protect natural areas and biological diversity on Savary Island for present and future generations. SILT was incorporated as a society in the Province of British Columbia on October 21, 1997 and received registered charity status with Revenue Canada on June 2, 1998. It believes in clean water, wildlife, wilderness and access to greenspace. SILT is dedicated to the preservation of natural areas and biological diversity on Savary Island now and forever.

Photo of Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society
Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society

Somenos Marsh is a wonderful wild area on southern Vancouver Island fringing both the Duncan and North Cowichan urban areas. In 1988 the BC Ministry of Environment identified Somenos as “one of the best places to view wildlife close to an urban centre”.

Photo of Tsolum River Restoration Society
Tsolum River Restoration Society

The Tsolum River Restoration Society is a not for profit, charitable organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors with minimal staff leading an enormous community undertaking.

Photo of Valdes Island Conservancy
Valdes Island Conservancy

The Valdes Island Conservancy was founded on the beaches of the island on the Sunday of the BC Day long weekend in 2007. Its goal is to conserve and protect the existing biological and cultural communities of Valdes Island and its environs.

Photo of Western Sky Land Trust Society
Western Sky Land Trust Society

Western Sky was created in the fall of 2005 at the request of Calgary region landowners and the general public who were concerned about the rate at which treasured landscapes were being lost. Forming an alliance with these landowners, and like-mind conservation organizations, private citizens, government and corporate partners, Western Sky began to conserve open space and natural areas in southern Alberta, particularly within the Calgary region.

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