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Protect Your LandThe most common ways to protect private land in BC are through Conservation Covenants, Land Donations, and Land Purchases.

  • A Conservation Covenant is a legal agreement between a landowner and authorized land trusts (usually two). This legal agreement remains attached to the title of the lands in perpetuity, and defines allowable and restricted uses for the property. With Conservation Covenants, the title of the property usually remains with the original landowner. Section 219 of the Land Titles Act outlines the legal framework for Conservation Covenants.
  • Lands can also be donated to, or purchased by a land trust. The title will be transfered to the new landowner (the land trust) who will often develop management plans to outline management goals and strategies for the new acquisition. There are also various tax incentives which may benefit the orginal donor/seller.

More information can be found in the brochures listed below, and more specifically, from the land trust(s) that work in your area

Conservation Brochures

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