Student Engagement in Land Conservation

The future belongs to the youth of today, and by taking part in the opportunities presented by the LTABC, you can help see the potential of the future fulfilled. By teaming up with a Land Trust in your community, you can gain valuable job experience, complete volunteer hours, and build an impressive resume all while helping protect British Columbia’s rich environmental heritage.

Much of the focus on land conservation work is around publicly owned land. By choosing to partner with a land trust in your conservational pursuits you are accepting the opportunity to see and interact with parts of our province that few others have by working to preserve privately owned areas.

Opportunities through the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia

  • As stewards of the environment and through cooperation with our members and affiliates, young volunteers with members of the LTABC will be given the opportunities to
  • Assist in the removal of invasive species
  • Revitalize the ecosystems of British Columbia
  • Build educational opportunities
  • Provide leadership in your community and your environment

What you can do to get involved with your local land trusts

  • Get in contact with your local land trust, with the help of our membership database or email us and we can get you in touch
  • Help organize a field trip
  • Attend an information session or participate in an event hosted by a land trust
  • Sign up to visit a land trust site
  • Volunteer with our environmental revitalization efforts
  • Apply to work in our office during the summer

For more information check out our membership directory and get in touch with a land trust in your community.

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